Building A Strong Client-Based Relationship

Client relationship

In all your chosen fields and careers, one thing is vitally important. And that is your relationship with people and especially your clients.

Without having a good relationship with your clients, there is no way you can aim to succeed in any form of business you have chosen to do. continue reading


Have You Got Everything You Want?


As human beings our wants and needs are endless. There is no end to the things we desire to have or to achieve in our lifetime. That is why people like Aliko Dangote is still pushing hard even as…

Friday roundup

Friday Roundup 29/09/17


Thank God its friiiddaayy! (In R.Kelly’s voice) hope I’m right. Today is the last Friday in September. And the last day of the working week. Nigeria’s independence celebration is round the corner. A lot of civil societies, school children…

Music video

A Review of the Last Music Video I Watched


After a long day for me yesterday, I thought I should relax a bit. So I turned on the TV, and searched for a movie that will be interesting to see. I searched through my favorite channels, but didn’t…


What It Means To Be Sapiosexual


A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to intelligent people. The only thing they seem to like in someone is how smart they are! I love intelligent people (everybody does!) but not like, it’s the only reason I have…


Change Your Attitude, Not the Job


The attitude you display towards your job matters a great deal. Without positive attitude even the best of jobs would seem like your worst nightmare. Lack of job satisfaction happens all the time no doubt. The person with a…

Friday Roundup 22/09/17


I woke up this morning very happy. Fridays are usually a happy day for me, but today I’m exceptionally happy. Believe me! I took time off my blog to focus on some important issues. For several weeks my blog…


Why People Are Scared of Your Success


Have you ever wondered why people get scared when you are ahead of them? Do you know everybody secretly wishes to be you? The word ‘success’ sounds so onomatopoeic to me. Even without its dictionary meaning, I can tell…

Benji, You Lack Charisma-2


Continued from here Benji was shocked to see his mother at home. She goes to work every day and seldom stays at home. She left for work hale and hearty that morning. ‘’Good afternoon mum, it’s such a surprise…

Good thinkers

Better an Empty Purse Than an Empty Head


There is an old German proverb that says, ‘’Better an empty purse than an empty head.’’ It is self-explanatory; it is also easy to understand what it means. I am a good thinker and I love people who are…