Benji, You Lack Charisma-2


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Benji was shocked to see his mother at home. She goes to work every day and seldom stays at home. She left for work hale and hearty that morning.

‘’Good afternoon mum, it’s such a surprise to meet you at home. ‘’Hope all is well?’’ he asked.

He went into his room to change. He needed to take a shower as quickly as possible. ‘’I would do my homework after my song rehearsal,’’ he thought.

While Benji was in his room, he overheard his mother talking to someone on the phone. He listened quietly.

His mother was pleading with the person on the other end. ‘’I can’t do what you are asking me to do. It is immoral and barbaric.’’

The conversation lasted for over fifteen minutes. And from what Benji could deduce, it was from his mother’s employer!

Although Benji could hardly piece anything together, he knew his mother was in some kind of trouble. He waited for the right time to ask.

After lunch, he came to his mother’s side and sat down. ‘’Mum why did you come home earlier than usual?’’ he asked.

His mother’s face was bent downwards like she was studying the floor. It was when she raised it up that Benji realized she had been crying!

‘’Benji I cannot continue with my job,’’ she said. ‘’My boss wants me to be involved in something very bad and illegal.’’

‘’I told him I’d rather resign than do his bid. It is going to be difficult for us, but I will try and look for something else to do.’’

The truth was, she was already tired of her job. She complained about the stress she puts herself every day to be able to satisfy her slave-driving boss!

Her husband had advised her to be patient with her boss. ‘’All of them are the same thing,’’ he had said one day after she told him what had happened in the school.

Benji was more concerned about his musical career to know what his mother was going through. That was when his father was alive.

Now, it is his turn to ask questions and give advice. He struggled to find his voice. He hated seeing his mother unhappy.

‘’Mummy, please tell me what happened today. I can be of any help.’’ Crying will not solve any problem. Please tell me.’’

His mother looked up at him and smiled. She smiled because she had someone who cared at least.

She had little or no friends. Keeping a lot of friends mean getting into frequent trouble she would always say.

She only interacted with the teachers in the school where she worked. And it all ends once the school bell rings!

Benji was waiting for her to say something. She cleared her throat of phlegm and held him on his shoulder.

The moment she opened her mouth to speak, her phone rang. She didn’t have to look at it to know who the caller was.

She grabbed it from the table in front of her but ignored it. The caller was unknown, so Benji didn’t know who it was.

‘’Mummy answer your call,’’ he said. Or do you want me to speak to the caller?’’ she was just staring at him, lost.

The phone continued to ring the entire time. Benji took the phone from her and attempted picking it up, but it was too late. It stopped ringing!

By now Benji knew whatever it was, was more serious than he thought. This is the first time he is seeing his mother in this kind of situation.

He determined he would find out. He got up and went into his room. Just as he was coming out of his room, his mother’s phone started ringing again!

To be continued…



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