Benji, You Lack Charisma!


Benji the only child of parents wants nothing than to be a music artist and a successful one. But one thing is that he lacks charisma.

His father was a lawyer and was passionate about his profession. Unfortunately he died from a motor accident on his way to Kano for a court case.

He had always wanted Benji to become a lawyer too. But seeing other successful artists like Wizkid and Davido fueled Benji’s passion for music!

Benji was the short form for Benjamin which his mum started calling him right from birth. It stuck among his peers.

Most of his friends do not really know his name is Benjamin. ‘’What does Benji mean?’’ his best friend Peter asked him one day.

‘’I don’t know my mum knows’’, he replied. But my father calls me Benjamin. ‘’Oh I see, his friend said. ‘Benji’ is the short for Benjamin.’’

Even as a toddler, his father knew Benji was a dullard. He hired teachers to come home and teach Benji extra lessons after school.

”Benjamin my son, be serious with your studies. One day, it will make you a successful person.’’ But daddy, I want to be a musician, Benji said’’

The only problem his father had with him was that, he found it difficult to scold or raise a hand on Benji. His father pampered him as the only child.

He married his mother upon leaving the youth service. They had both met at the camp and fallen in love immediately!

He couldn’t wait to settle down and start a family as his father always advised him. ‘’I got married to your mother when I was twenty-three.’’

With that at the back of this mind, he proposed to Benji’s mother and they wedded six weeks later in their village.

They waited for nearly five years before they had Benji. And after him, they tried for more children without success.

‘’Why did you marry my mother in the village?’’Benji asked him one evening. ‘’My father was too old to travel to the city, that’s was why.’’

As Benji grew up, he got interested in music rather than his books. His father was disappointed at first. He became worried because music was for societal ‘misfits.’

He would come home to meet Benji miming or rapping to different ‘American’ songs. The look on his face would tell Benji there was no peace.

If his father tried to complain to his mother, she would wave it aside. ”He is only a little child; he would stop when the time comes.”

But Benji never did. He continued in his quest to become a successful musical artist till his father died. He was then left with his mother.

His mother who worked as a company secretary seldom had time for him. But she tried the best she could for Benji.

‘’Benji, if you want to be a musician, it is up to you.’’ For everything you want to be, you must have to work hard for it,’’ she told him one day after supper.

Even though she appeared soft as a mother, she never pampered him like his father did. She didn’t give in to his demands all the time too.

‘’I don’t know why you don’t treat me like daddy did.’’He believes in me, he gives me anything I want and makes sure I don’t lack anything!’’

It took his mother more than ten minutes to find the right words for him. The only thing she could tell him was, ‘’that was your father, this is me!’’

One day, Benji came home to find his mother at home. It was a huge surprise because she left early for work and returned late every day.

To be continued…

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