Better an Empty Purse Than an Empty Head

Good thinkers

There is an old German proverb that says, ‘’Better an empty purse than an empty head.’’ It is self-explanatory; it is also easy to understand what it means.

I am a good thinker and I love people who are good thinkers too. People who do not think rely on people who do. That’s a fact!

Your level of success depends on your ability to think. It is not just thinking, but good thinking. It is that simple.

For you to be a good thinker, you must be someone who indulges in quiet times. You take time to reflect around things concerning you.

You cannot be a good thinker when you spend your time talking or arguing about trivial things. In other words, the less you talk, the more you think!

Every good business plan, every success, etc. achieved is as a result of good thinking. Nothing falls from heaven for anyone, nothing.

I place a high value on good thinking. I have also achieved a lot from doing so. Most times I solve an immediate problem within seconds!

Some people are just too lazy to use their heads. They will do nothing unless someone tells them what to do and how to go about it.

If you don’t develop the habit of good thinking, then you will forever rely on people who do to solve your problems!

World’s greatest leaders and richest men are great thinkers. Every plan whether business or not requires accuracy which good thinking provides.

Did you know people make money from thinking? I bet you don’t! There are people who have money to start a big business venture, but lack ideas.

They then seek the services of a business consultant. The business consultant tells them what is best for them and why. Then they get paid!

I had a friend while I was in England, he lived in England too. He made money from Nigeria all the way from England because he could think.

People sought his ideas on business plans. He also wrote business proposals for them. The type of proposal that could get you any contract in Nigeria!

The last time I checked he was charging four thousand pounds (£4,000) for that. Just for writing a business proposal. Figure that out!

Then it was like magic to me. I asked him one day, I said, ‘’how do you do this?’’ He just replied, ‘’I use my head!’’

All what people seek to know about people is the level of their success. No one is asking how they worked it out.

People are concerned more about money. But I believe in creativity, what you can achieve is endless if you are a good thinker!

Don’t wait for people to think for you. Do the thinking yourself. The more you think, the more your eyes and mind are opened to wonderful opportunities.

Even the bible says something about thinking. In Proverbs it says, ‘’as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’’ So think!

World renowned Surgeon and Author, Ben Carson in his book, ‘’Think Big,’’ gave so many instances of what being a good thinker will make you achieve.

I for one dislike someone who does not think. Even having a good conversation with them is almost impossible. They lack what to say!

You can bring yourself out of poverty with good thinking. You can become just anything you want to become with good thinking.

You have a brain given to you free of charge from the almighty, why not use it? Why wait for other people to think for you before you act?

You can make a good decision of anything if you are a good thinker. But if you don’t think, you will end up hearing the loud echoes of rash decisions!

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