Building A Strong Client-Based Relationship

Client relationship

In all your chosen fields and careers, one thing is vitally important. And that is your relationship with people and especially your clients.

Without having a good relationship with your clients, there is no way you can aim to succeed in any form of business you have chosen to do.

This is one thing most businesses lack. They don’t have the ability or should I say the right attitude when it comes to maintaining clients.

I have been in that situation where as a client, I got so mistreated that I began to wonder if this people actually opened for business or not!

Even though some business owners ensure this things do not happen. They make sure their employees are well trained to attend to clients professionally.

Sometimes though, they fail to do like a follow-up, especially in cases where they are seldom around. The employees are then left to do everything on their own.

Without building a strong client based relationship with your client, be rest assured that, that business won’t last for long and that’s a fact!

I recall going into a salon which was newly opened in my neighborhood where I was really treated like a piece of crap. Even with having a business that thrive in Nigeria, they were messing up.

They were left all by themselves by the business owner, who I feel cares less about her clients. If she did, she would always be there to ensure things are in the right order.

Did I go back there? No. Did they last long in that neighborhood? Of course no! Because they treated everybody like they didn’t need people to make money!

When we hear ‘’customer is always right’’ it is always like a cliché, but then it is actually the truth! Without your clients or customers, what are you?

You must be ready to know how to communicate effectively with your clients. Be patient enough to listen to their concerns. They are the reason you started the business, they are the shot-callers in case you don’t know!

It’s not right for people to come to you and not getting value for their money. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned resources to a bad business owner!

No matter how you build your business to appear or stand out from the crowd, you must need good client relationship to be able to succeed.

That is why; some banks will send you a birthday wish once it’s your birthday. They are trying to keep the relationship going.

They have competitors and one of the way they can use to maintain the relationship is by checking up on you with birthday wishes!

You too can do that. You can have a compendium of all your clients’ phone numbers and email addresses and wish them well during celebrations.

I get birthday greetings, Salah and Christmas greetings from a certain bank I vowed never to continue with after I found their services annoying.

They continued sending me greetings. And before long I went back to them, updated my details and activated my account which was dormant with them!

So, you see it works like magic. You are dealing with human beings, and every little detail matters. Don’t overdo things too, so you don’t come across like a nuisance.

If you go to a business consultant, the first thing they will tell you is to make sure you have good and strong relationship with your clients.

Just be yourself, know the right attitude toward your clients. And maintain a professional relationship with them all the time and you will never go wrong!

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