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Benji, You Lack Charisma-2


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Benji was shocked to see his mother at home. She goes to work every day and seldom stays at home. She left for work hale and hearty that morning.

‘’Good afternoon mum, it’s such a surprise to meet you at home. ‘’Hope all is well?’’ he asked. continue reading

Benji, You Lack Charisma!


Benji the only child of parents wants nothing than to be a music artist and a successful one. But one thing is that he lacks charisma.

His father was a lawyer and was passionate about his profession. Unfortunately he died from a motor accident on his way to Kano for a court case. continue reading

I am Not Listening…Shut Up and Drive!


When will taxi drivers learn to shut up when driving with a passenger on board? I lost count of the number of times I have had to pick a cab and get pestered with never-ending boring topics by a cabbie.

The most annoying part is that, I paid little or no attention, yet he won’t stop talking. How can a cabbie expect me to enjoy a conversation coming from a mouth that reeks of bad breath? continue reading

Civility is Not a Sign of Weakness-#1


This is a tale of two neighbors in Ebute Meta part of Lagos. The first is called Mr. Johnson aka papa Skiddo while the second is called Mr. Apala.

They both had been living in Ebute Meta since the 80s. That area of Lagos is one of the oldest part of Lagos state. continue reading