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Qualities of a Good Listener

Good listener

Keeping a good relationship with people around you involves a lot of things, and one of them is being a good listener.

A good listener is someone who takes time to hear another person out especially in time of crises. continue reading

Desperation Is a Silent Killer


Desperation is almost inevitable in our daily lives. Many times you come across people pursuing one dream or the other.

You are desperate to get a job. Desperate to travel out of the country. Desperate to have a child, and so on. continue reading

You Cannot Change People


Today, I want to write about something everybody would have come across before. I want to share it in my own perceptive.

When I was in Goethe Institut (German School) in Victoria Island, I had a German lecturer. She was a perfectionist, and a core believer in nature. continue reading

The Power of Sorry, Please and Thank You


So many times, we neglect the power of these three words.  We do that, because we don’t know the role they play in our daily lives.

It is a common knowledge that people find it hard to say these very simple but powerful words. They ignore the healing it brings as well.

A lot of misunderstandings, fights or even war would have been averted with just a simple ‘sorry!’ continue reading

Loud Echoes of Rash Decisions


Have you ever taken rash decisions before? Did you after a while regretted doing that? If yes, then get in here fast.

I have been guilty of stupid decisions myself. While at that time it may seem like the best thing I’ve ever done. continue reading

It Takes Courage to Be Truthful


Being truthful is something most people cannot lay claim to. Every one of us sometimes gets scared of what the outcome of the truth would be.

Telling fibs dates as far back as ancient times. A lot was recorded about people telling lies in most strange scenarios. continue reading

Time Waits for No Woman


There is this notion that time waits for no woman. And women have limited time to get things done in their lives.

How? What about the men? Does time wait for men? Time definitely waits for nobody. If there is anybody who needs hurrying up, it’s the men! continue reading

Can You Live Without Regrets?

Live without regrets

Can you live without regrets? I asked this question, because almost everything we do is always regretted at the end of the day.

You got a job in your dream company after searching for a long time. Before anyone could say jack, you regret being employed there, true or false? continue reading

The True Meaning of Poverty


I was speaking to someone I met at a mechanic workshop over the weekend. He was there before me talking to another person about poverty when I drove in.

Some shanties and illegal structures were destroyed nearby by the government. And they were talking about it. I parked and joined in their conversation. continue reading