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Building A Strong Client-Based Relationship

Client relationship

In all your chosen fields and careers, one thing is vitally important. And that is your relationship with people and especially your clients.

Without having a good relationship with your clients, there is no way you can aim to succeed in any form of business you have chosen to do. continue reading

Change Your Attitude, Not the Job


The attitude you display towards your job matters a great deal. Without positive attitude even the best of jobs would seem like your worst nightmare.

Lack of job satisfaction happens all the time no doubt. The person with a good position sometimes wishes they never started that job! continue reading

Sponge Does Not Cause Acne


Bathing with a sponge is the best thing that can happen to your skin. And especially your face. A lot of people think bathing with a sponge causes acne but no, it doesn’t. continue reading

5 Businesses That Thrive in Nigeria

Business thrive Nigeria

Nigerians no doubt are business oriented people. We love business more than anything else. No matter the kind of job someone has, they will definitely have a side business added to it.

I know a lot of folks who work in blue chip companies, but they still have businesses on the other side. That is because businesses thrive in Nigeria. continue reading

Job Vacancies Versus Job Seekers

Job Vacancies

Job vacancies are for a selected few. For every single job, there are a thousand applications. And in these times it definitely got worse.

It is a known fact that nobody is guaranteed a job upon graduation. You still have to fight for a job. In Nigeria, you must be connected to start with! continue reading

Things You Can Do Before You Clock Forty

Things you can do before you clock forty

The big 4.0 is a significant number in the lives of so many people. Because life begins at forty they say. I sometimes do not understand the meaning of that!

But I understand a lot of us are yet to accomplish our goals before we hit that milestone. A lot of people I know look forward to that big day when they clock forty. continue reading

Don’t Hesitate to Take the Risk


Taking risk is one of the most daunting decisions anybody can make. Even though, not everybody can bring themselves to think about it.

Because of the present economic conditions in the country, businesses are failing and people are restrategizing on possibly new businesses. continue reading

Time and Tide Changes People


As we grow older, a lot of happenstance and conditions can set our world apart and bring us into reality, which in turn changes our perception about life.

You will always hear people say that ‘’oh, this person has changed, oh, that person has changed.’’ Change is constant remember? continue reading

Why Being Different is Not Bad

being different

There are so many things or traits that make us stand out and appear different from other people around us.

Every one of us has a unique personality trait which is usually innate or physically seen in us. In other words, everybody is different! continue reading