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Building A Strong Client-Based Relationship

Client relationship

In all your chosen fields and careers, one thing is vitally important. And that is your relationship with people and especially your clients.

Without having a good relationship with your clients, there is no way you can aim to succeed in any form of business you have chosen to do. continue reading

Change Your Attitude, Not the Job


The attitude you display towards your job matters a great deal. Without positive attitude even the best of jobs would seem like your worst nightmare.

Lack of job satisfaction happens all the time no doubt. The person with a good position sometimes wishes they never started that job! continue reading

5 Businesses That Thrive in Nigeria

Business thrive Nigeria

Nigerians no doubt are business oriented people. We love business more than anything else. No matter the kind of job someone has, they will definitely have a side business added to it.

I know a lot of folks who work in blue chip companies, but they still have businesses on the other side. That is because businesses thrive in Nigeria. continue reading

Job Vacancies Versus Job Seekers

Job Vacancies

Job vacancies are for a selected few. For every single job, there are a thousand applications. And in these times it definitely got worse.

It is a known fact that nobody is guaranteed a job upon graduation. You still have to fight for a job. In Nigeria, you must be connected to start with! continue reading

The 3Ds That Shape Your Career


Have you got the 3Ds? Being successful in your career requires a lot of give and take. And unless you are eager to succeed, you might not want to play that game.

Apart from the fact that you see yourself moving in the right direction in your career, there are certain (extra) things you need to perfect your dreams. continue reading

Conservative Estimate Is Vital For Business Growth


Why am I saying this? I am saying this because a lot of people do not know how to manage their resources. They do not know how to make conservative estimates.

How can someone who is a spendthrift succeed in his or her start up, if they are not conservative enough? Being conservative helps you survive any business storm. continue reading