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A Review of the Last Music Video I Watched

Music video

After a long day for me yesterday, I thought I should relax a bit. So I turned on the TV, and searched for a movie that will be interesting to see.

I searched through my favorite channels, but didn’t find any or maybe I wasn’t in the mood to see movies. Finally I settled for a musical channel, to entertain myself. continue reading

Evans: a Criminal Turned Celebrity


I don’t understand this frenzy about Evans going on right now. The worst is, some individuals are calling for his release!

Those asking the police to release him, are they related to him? Does he know they even exist? Could he not have kidnapped them if he had the chance? continue reading

Nkechi Okwuchi: A Survivor on a Mission

Nkechi Okwuchi

I had goose bumps watching Nkechi Okwuchi sing at the ‘America Got Talent’ auditions. It was so touching as I fought hard to control my emotions.

Nkechi Okwuchi is one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash in 2005. The plane had on board 109 passengers killing 107! continue reading

The Need for Proper Parenting In Young Children


Parenting all over the world can be daunting, especially when it is with young adults. They are not an easy task. Ask any parent.

A lot of atrocities like terrorism are being perpetrated by these young folks. Most of them are children whose parents do not see the need for proper parenting. continue reading

What Chewing Gum Says About You

Chewing gum

This is one topic I have been longing to blog about. I don’t know why my hatred for chewing gum is so bad. It’s so bad that I hate anything with gum flavor!

Ever since I was a kid, I have hated chewing gum. In fact, I can’t be caught dead near a person who chews gum. Because I can’t stand the unpleasant smell (pardon me). continue reading

A Review of the Banned Beggars in Lagos State

Lagos state

A couple of years ago, Lagos state government came out openly to announce their intentions to flush beggars out of the state.

Lagos state government said it was going to take all the beggars back to their various states of origin if found wandering around. continue reading

The Misconception of ‘This is Lagos’


I am seriously laughing while writing this post because, anytime I hear people arguing about the above post title, their opinions are always very funny.

‘This is Lagos’ and ‘welcome to Lagos’; do they not mean the same thing to any discerning person or public? What is the argument all about? continue reading