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The Day I Stopped Ignoring Unknown Callers


I used to ignore calls from unknown callers (most people do!) until one day. Ignoring calls from hidden or unknown numbers started after I got series of prank calls.

The prank calls were from people who probably got my number from my business card. So, I got another number and said that would be a personal number for family and friends. continue reading

Happy 70th Posthumous Birthday to My Father


How time flies. My father passed on almost three years ago. But it all seems like yesterday to me. And today is supposed to be his 70th.

I didn’t expect my father to pass on at the ‘young’ age of 67. It happened because he died as a result of diabetes complications. continue reading

When You Meet Exceptional People

Exceptional people

Coming across exceptional people is rare. All my life, I have always thought they almost never existed. But I met someone who proved me wrong.

You know, there is this general belief that women are their own enemies. I honestly don’t know who started that because it’s not true at all. continue reading

Antics of a Trusted Friend-#4


This is a real life story about the trust and betrayal of a close friend. Read the first part here if you are just reading this post.

So, she asked me (my friend) why I didn’t let her know I was moving out. I told a lie I was going to call her. But I never intended to. continue reading

Tales of a Discontented Employee

Discontented employee

Dear chichi,

Greetings to you, thank you for allowing me to use your platform to share my story and experience as an employee in an organization.

Let me start by introducing myself. I will not use my real names for my protection. So I am going to choose to answer Cynthia throughout this story. continue reading

Oops! Someone Shouldn’t Be Called a Mermaid


I could not believe my ears when a woman I met at the shopping mall called me a mermaid. For like five seconds, I thought I heard wrong.

While I was trying to come round to what she said, she lashed out again, ‘’you are a mermaid,’’ then she turned and walked away! continue reading