Change Your Attitude, Not the Job


The attitude you display towards your job matters a great deal. Without positive attitude even the best of jobs would seem like your worst nightmare.

Lack of job satisfaction happens all the time no doubt. The person with a good position sometimes wishes they never started that job!

But in all this it is your attitude to your job that really matters. For instance you can’t like a job where you don’t bring in your own ideas.

During job interviews, people reiterate their commitment to the prospective job offer and how they intend to bring the knowledge they had to the new job.

Many times it is a promise that is never kept; it is a mere promise out of desperation to fill a job opening! (RME!)

I know someone who doesn’t care about what is going on in his work place. All he cares about is getting to the office and just concentrating on his table.

That is a bad attitude to work. Don’t forget your promise of helping the organization grow and the role your little contribution will play.

The moment you bring negative attitude to work, that is the very moment you start to hate your job, believe that!

You can’t tell me that, when you take the job like it’s your own and like your life depends on it, you will not show true commitment to it.

The attitude of ‘not my father’s business’ is so rampant at places of work; you come across this kind of people all the time.

I went to a pharmacy to buy some medication, and the first thing that I noticed was one of the attendant sitting down and chewing gum.

Every question I asked was met with ‘what?’ the other two attendants were not even interested in the customer standing at the counter!

They didn’t even bother to look up at me, let alone know the reason why I was there. The first attendant managed to sell to me and I left.

But before I left, I promised I was going to let their boss know what was going on in her absence, and I did!

You see, they acted like the job was tiring, they wanted a way out, but believe me, it wasn’t like this when they needed the job initially.

When you bother to ask them why they act the way they do, they’d tell you they want a change of job, ‘’I don’t like this place anymore.’’

Why don’t you change your attitude and see if you would like it or not? Positive attitude matters a lot whether or not it’s your own business!

If you bring a negative attitude towards someone else’ business that is the exact same way you will bring it to your own.

People are searching for jobs, just any job and now that employment is in decline, people no longer have a choice where and when to work.

You have a job, a steady job but you think it’s the worst thing that has ever happened in your life taking the job in the first place!

I was at one of the new generation banks recently, there was this female janitor that really looked good and I wondered if she was a cleaner or not.

She appeared so happy and contented with her job. She greeted all and sundry that walked into that bank. I was so amazed; I had to compliment her good looks!

Now tell me, would she be looking to change jobs? No! She has a positive attitude and believe me she would definitely be rewarded one day.

We all are in control of our destinies. And no matter what we do or where we find ourselves, without positive attitude we are going nowhere!

Do you have any experience to share?

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