The Day I Stopped Ignoring Unknown Callers


I used to ignore calls from unknown callers (most people do!) until one day. Ignoring calls from hidden or unknown numbers started after I got series of prank calls.

The prank calls were from people who probably got my number from my business card. So, I got another number and said that would be a personal number for family and friends.

Any unknown number will be ignored I told myself. I liked it that way, it gave me enough privacy. I wouldn’t pick any call if it wasn’t stored already on my phone.

So one day, I decided I was going to visit my sister who lived in Port Harcourt. We talked about my coming and we agreed I was going to stay for a week.

I bought my ticket, got my things ready. I called her to let her know I was heading to the airport. We also agreed she was going to pick me up when I arrived.

I was on my way to the airport when my phone started ringing. It was an unknown caller! I couldn’t be bothered. I looked at my phone and continued looking out of the taxi window.

The taxi man ( I was lucky he minded his business!) looked at me through the rear mirror, and continued driving.

My phone didn’t stop ringing. I looked at the number of missed calls it was six, six missed calls! I got to the airport boarded and left for PH.

When we touched down at the PH airport, I called my sister but her phone was switched off! Strange, I thought.

What could have happened? I called again, and again but her phone remained switched off. I looked around, as if there was an answer around me.

I was drained and jet lagged. It was less than an hour flight, but it felt like I’d been on the plane for ages. Did something happen? Did she forget her phone at home or what?

All other passengers had all picked up their luggage and left. Another flight arrived and its passengers all left and I was still at the airport wandering about.

Then suddenly my phone rang. It was from the number that I had been ignoring while on my way to the airport. I picked it at once, like my life depended on it!

”Hello,” I said. My sister’s voice was what I heard from the other end. I was gutted! ”Chichi what happened, where are you? ” I have been trying to reach you,” she said.

For like five seconds, I was speechless, not knowing whether to be happy or angry with her. I had been at the airport close to two hours before her call came in.

”What happened, where are you?” I returned her questions. ”I have been calling your number but it’s been switched off.”

The next thing she said broke me. She said there was an emergency. Her husband’s younger sister had an accident in Calabar, they had to rush down from PH.

She said she left her phone at home, because they literally ran out of the house. And that she was calling with her husband’s number which I didn’t have!

She was calling to tell me about rescheduling my visit. At this point, I was no longer listening. I was thinking of how I was going to go back to Lagos.

I said, ”OK, no problem.” I will find my way back. I asked her about her sister in-law’s condition. She said, she broke a leg and was unconscious.

I rescheduled my return flight. And asked an airport worker where I could get a decent guest house to stay the night.

The next morning, I left for Lagos feeling stupid and angry with myself! I wasted my time and money coming down to Port Harcourt because I didn’t pick a simple phone call!

I learned my lessons the hard way. Now, once a call comes in, I will rush for it. Known or unknown. I won’t be caught in the web of not picking unknown calls again, never!

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