Desperation Is a Silent Killer


Desperation is almost inevitable in our daily lives. Many times you come across people pursuing one dream or the other.

You are desperate to get a job. Desperate to travel out of the country. Desperate to have a child, and so on.

Being desperate comes with a lot of disadvantages. People tend to make mistakes, become physically and mentally unwell as a result of that.

I can’t count the number of times, I found myself in desperate situations. And I ended up regretting it because, it never worked out the way I expected it!

One time, I had a wedding to attend and as usual there was ‘Asoebi’ for the bride’s friends.

I collected mine and called up my tailor because he was really good with traditional wears. He said to me he had few clothes to make and that I give him a little time.

But hell no! I won’t hear of that. I wanted mine made as quickly as possible to avoid stories. So, I took my cloth elsewhere and was cool with it.

When I collected it after five days, I almost fainted with the rubbish the tailor sewed for me. He made entirely different style from what I showed him.

I literally cried because, there was no way I would wear that to the wedding. A wedding I had been looking forward to!

The following day, my tailor called me up and said, ‘’Aunty bring your cloth let me sew it for you, the other client said I should wait till she comes back from her trip abroad, before I could sew hers’’

Honestly, I didn’t know how I felt. I just told him I would get back to him. But I didn’t. I just continued ‘mourning’ my damaged cloth!

So you see, desperation kills. It destroys and brings us back to basics. I learned never to be desperate again, no matter what the situation is.

Life gives us little or no time to package ourselves, which is why we think there is a need to hurry up and achieve something because it’s getting late.

A lot of people have died being desperate. Yes, take the case of people going to Europe by road, and how they ended up drowning in the Mediterranean!

That is desperation at the highest order. There is absolutely no need being desperate about anything in life, because ‘’what will be will be.’’

People who are desperate about getting a job, end up with the wrong job. And in no time start looking for another job elsewhere!

When you ask them why, they tell you because they needed a job so ‘badly’ they settled with whatever that came their way.

The best way to avoid being desperate is to take things one at a time. Every problem has a solution, I’m very sure of that.

If you are a one of those that think time is no longer on your side to achieve certain goals, then calm down there is still time.

As long as we are alive, there is definitely hope. Being desperate brings about regrets. And before you say Jack! Depression sets in and wrecks more havoc.

Why do you think there are a lot of divorce cases everywhere? It is mostly because people jump into the wrong marriages out of desperation.

Desperation is more of a ‘thief of time’ than procrastination. Because after wasting time with the wrong decision out of desperation, you are back to square one!


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