Friday Roundup 04/08/2017


Friday is here already. Thank God. I’m so glad I made it to this post today. For weeks I have been MIA on it. It wasn’t intentional though.

I traveled for a relative’s wedding and spent almost 2 weeks. It was a wedding I couldn’t avoid attending. She is one of my closest cousins.

When I came back I had so many things left undone. Even my blog was left unattended! I had a couple of nagging problems to sort out too.

Anyway am back to my blog full-time. A friend called me and was like, ‘’Chichi hope no problem? I went, ‘’how?

‘’You have not updated your blog post for more than a week.’’ Yeah, I know sweetheart,’’ I said. ‘’I will be back after am done with other things OK?’’

You know, blogging is not as easy as people think. It is actually a full-time job! It requires a hundred percent attention.

You sleep, eat, and drink etc. thinking about your blog. And if you are blogging from Nigeria, you know what that means.

There are thousands of blogs in Nigeria. The competition is high. So, you have to buckle hard to meet up especially if your blog is monetized!

I wanted to bring my cousin’s wedding photos and share it here. I had a swell time during the wedding. I got to meet other cousins whom I had not seen in a long time.

But unfortunately, when I sought her consent she declined. She said she didn’t want ‘online’ people criticizing her big day. Lobatan!

I might have missed out on a few happenings in Nigeria right now. You know when you are busy with your own things, you bother less about Nigeria!

Only one story struck me though. And that is the issue of Nnamdi Kanu and the Anambra elections. He has been threatening to stop people from voting.

He says, the people are loyal to him and would do anything he tells them. He is seeking a referendum on Biafra at all cost.

So, no referendum, no elections he says. I’m a bit worried for him, because government sanctions and punishment might be waiting for him again!

At this point, I don’t think he’s going about it the right way. He was released on bail and asked not to be in the company of more than ten people.

But he has since violated that rule. He seems fearless and very defiant to me. Even though he may come across as arrogant, he is a strong-willed person!

Let’s take a break from Nnamdi kanu and elections for now. Some of you might have missed a post or two earlier in the week.

No worries at all. I will be putting a link here for you to read and be inspired as usual. Nothing is new in this country anymore.

You can just wake up one morning and hear something very strange. And you just wonder what is really happening.

What we really need right now is the right word to calm us down. The stress of being a Nigerian is getting to too many people right now.

On Monday I wrote: Desperation is a silent killer

Tuesday: Benji, you lack charisma

Wednesday: Borno state: My birth place ravaged by Boko Haram

Yesterday it was: 5 Businesses that thrive in Nigeria

Even CNN has mocked Nigeria for not having a president for months. I didn’t find it hilarious at all. But some people laughed it off!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead and remember to spread some love and put God first in all that you do. Adios!

Image Credit: Pexels

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