Friday Roundup 22/09/17


I woke up this morning very happy. Fridays are usually a happy day for me, but today I’m exceptionally happy. Believe me!

I took time off my blog to focus on some important issues. For several weeks my blog wasn’t updated, so Friday post suffered.

When I woke up happy this morning, it was because I was going to write today. I tried everything possible to blog in between my busy schedule, but I couldn’t!

A lot happened during that time. I met a lot of people. I learned a couple of things too.

Lagos has really improved under Ambode. No doubt he was called to serve diligently. He has managed to bring a lot of things under control.

There is free flow of traffic at the ever congested Berger-Ojodu axis. There are little or no uniformed men harassing innocent motorists!

My mind drifted to different things last night. Every night after my night prayers, I try to reflect on some things.

One of them was the issue of ‘Bishop,’ and even Evans the billionaire kidnap kingpin. When things happen, we raise dust and before you jack, it dies down.

Nigerians are quick to move on to the next topic. After all the culprits are rich people they can always bribe their way out of justice!

The one that really got me thinking is the one of ‘Bishop’ guy. He seems to be at peace with himself even after his father got killed.

I only read somewhere he was invited for questioning by the Nigeria Police. That was all. I didn’t hear the outcome of his invitation.

We as Nigerians ought to know details of every high profile cases such as ‘Bishop’ and Evans. These are things that make the government transparent enough for its people.

When you keep details away from the citizens, there are bound to be agitations here and there. Nigerians are enlightened people, they should know!

Last week or thereabout, bloodbath and disaster was averted in Abia state. Only God and people who live in Aba can say what happened there.

I heard and read innocent people were killed as usual. Burning and destroying properties worth millions at this time is appalling!

There is need for the government to listen to every group. And proffer a lasting solution to their concerns. We all own Nigeria.

I have heard so many frightening and horrible stories about the Biafra war. Heaven knows I do not want to experience war in my life time.

Dialogue is the way forward whether or not we like it. Nothing is resolved through conflict.  Nothing at all! Truth be told!

For the first time since the hullabaloo about the ‘wedding party’ movie, I had the opportunity to see it. It was really worth my time.

It had all my favorite actors including Sola Sobowale. I love that woman. Her sense of humor is electric. She made me laugh all through!

I didn’t see any special ‘acting’ from Banky W and Adesua like people were insinuating. I tried to pick out one or two scenes which was obvious but I didn’t.

I guess they are really good actors too. They made it look natural that’s all. Hooking up might just be after the movie, who knows!

just in case you missed any of my posts this week, here is a link to each of them:

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Thursday it was: Why people are scared of your success.

Have a nice and beautiful weekend everyone and remember to put a smile on someone’s face. They might just be the angel you so desperately need!

Peace out!

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