Friday Roundup 29/09/17

Friday roundup

Thank God its friiiddaayy! (In R.Kelly’s voice) hope I’m right. Today is the last Friday in September. And the last day of the working week.

Nigeria’s independence celebration is round the corner. A lot of civil societies, school children are gearing up for the celebration.

I don’t know if there is still going to be match-past for the celebration. I always looked forward to the Independence Day match-past when I was in school.

A lot has been slated at different venues for the celebration. Someone had invited me to see a play at the National Theater. Don’t know if I’m going!

I would rather stay at home and watch stations showing the celebrations on TV. Then get a lot of time reading and relaxing too.

The rains returned this week after weeks of break. It was a bit of surprise for me though. I thought the rain has subsided for this year!

I love the rain because of its cool weather. I prefer the sun though. I could go anywhere when it’s sunny but not when it’s raining.

I woke up on Thursday to the news of Hugh Hefner’s death. Am like, aww, end of an era! I grew up hearing about playboy this, playboy that!

Hugh Hefner, a man who lived all his life in the arms of pretty young girls died at the age of 91. Not like he did something with all of them though.

I honestly think he was a free-spirited man. He was so care-free with everyone (so I heard, I wasn’t there!) many of the girls benefited from him.

Many of them shot to fame playing ‘’girls of the playboy’s mansion.’’ Many of them graced the front cover of playboy’s magazine.

A couple of days ago, I was at Ojuelegba and jeez! I was so surprised it looked brand new. Lagos state government has cleared all shanties!

That was the same thing I saw at Ikeja bus stop. The entire motorists under the bridge have been evacuated. I hope it remains like that!

At first, I thought something was missing. It was no longer crowded as usual. There was free flow of traffic. Then dang! The bridge has regained its sanity (lol!)

I really applaud governor Ambode for a job well done. He is working. Lagos state is indeed working. Thumbs up for them!

Lagos is the fastest growing city in West Africa if not the entire African continent. So let us help the government by paying our taxes etc. *wink*

A close friend on my street is having her introduction party tomorrow Saturday. She personally came to my home to invite me.

I will be there to honor her on her big day. She’s been looking forward to it since July and now it is finally here. She says I must be there. I would!

Just in case you missed any of my post this week, here is a link to each of them. I didn’t blog on Wednesday. I was down with a little fever.

On Monday it was: Change your attitude, not the job

Tuesday: What it means to be sapiosexual

Thursday it was: A review of the last music video I watched

As you eat and drink this weekend, please and please reach out to the less privileged around you. Don’t wait for them to ask before you give.

In giving you receive and there is joy in giving from the bottom of your heart. Don’t drink and drive and drink responsibly.

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Stay safe and play safe. AIDS is real!

Peace out!

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