Have You Got Everything You Want?


As human beings our wants and needs are endless. There is no end to the things we desire to have or to achieve in our lifetime.

That is why people like Aliko Dangote is still pushing hard even as the richest man in Africa. And one of the richest in the world!

I have heard people say severally that, the only thing they want is happiness. If only they can be happy then that is all there is.

But you cannot be happy if you do not have what it takes for people to be happy. Like financial and material acquisition.

In fact the moment you become successful that is when you begin to aim higher and higher and then you look for ways to achieve more.

Even as the world’s richest man, Bill Gates has a lot of business interests and ideas yet to be conceived, in other words he is still in ‘want!’

If for instance I have N10, 000, the things I would want to buy will exceed that amount and I will start looking for N15, 000!

We can never have enough and the reason why some people are labeled as greedy, yes, human beings are naturally greedy.

The only time your attitude of unending want is bad is when you have it and you do not reach out to those who don’t have.

We all know an average human is selfish, selfishness is the greatest enemy of mankind, and it has eaten deep into the lives of so many.

Charitable act should begin with your neighbors. I have heard people say, ‘’I want to give to the orphans, widows, destitute etc.

When it is time to celebrate their birthdays, they go to the nearest orphanage. No! Stop! Look around you.

There are loads of orphans who do not have the privilege of being in orphanages. Start with them!

Start with people around you first. After all ‘’charity begins at home, not outside.’’ They are the people you see every day!

Give alms also, as the simple act of alms giving is the best way to appreciate the fact that God has been good to you.

Don’t listen to people when they say, ‘’you have everything, what are you looking for?’’ Tell them human want is endless.

Nobody has it all. So, do not think you are the only one who is in want. The rich are the ones who are more in want than what you think.

Have you noticed the way someone who is better off than you appreciates it when you give them something?

That is because they are always the ones giving and giving. Nobody deems it right to give to them because, they have ‘everything.’

I recall a certain time, I needed money for a project and the little I had on me wasn’t anything to go by.

So, I asked one or two friends who didn’t help either. In the long run I was able to come up with the funds I needed.

I swore that any little money I make from that project would suffice. But it didn’t because, my wants increased immediately!

Instantly I remembered so many things I needed money for that I couldn’t do for lack of funds. My estimates surpassed the profit I made.

That is exactly how it is for every one of us. No amount of success is ever enough because more money, more problems!

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