I am Not Listening…Shut Up and Drive!


When will taxi drivers learn to shut up when driving with a passenger on board? I lost count of the number of times I have had to pick a cab and get pestered with never-ending boring topics by a cabbie.

The most annoying part is that, I paid little or no attention, yet he won’t stop talking. How can a cabbie expect me to enjoy a conversation coming from a mouth that reeks of bad breath?

One very peculiar thing about cabbies is that, most of them are perverts, have you noticed? I don’t understand why a cab driver, would pick a total stranger and then start a personal conversation.

If the conversations were very formal, I won’t have to bother. What freaks me out is that they start asking you personal questions like; are you married? Are you single? Got kids? And so on.

I took a cab going to work one day. And as soon as I got inside, I knew I was in for it.

The cabbie first of all introduced himself. I remembered thinking, ”what is my business with your name?”

Next thing, how long have you been on this job? I told him. Next question; where are you from? I told him.

Then this one; are you married? No answer. I brought out my phone and started scrolling through.

After 5 minutes, just 5 minutes! He started talking about his landlord (like I care!). There was a heavy traffic on Ikorodu road.

I hated myself that day. I was having menstrual cramps and being tortured by a cabbie that won’t stop talking worsened my pain!

From the corner of my eyes, I could see him staring at me like he would pounce on me at any minute.

Then all of a sudden; do you know you are pretty? I felt hot blood rushing down my face. I almost told him to drop me off half-way!

Why in God’s name would he compliment me? Oh my gosh, this was too much for me to handle. I’m not having it, I thought

I reached inside my bag and brought out my earpiece. I tuned to my favorite radio station and started clapping and nodding my head.

He carried on talking. I couldn’t believe it. By this time we were at CMS. I couldn’t take it any longer. I told him to stop that I needed to use the ATM machine.

He refused to stop. His reason was that, he would be arrested by LASTMA officials. I agreed. Luckily, there was a traffic build-up.

I jumped down like I was thrown out of the cab. And crossed to the other side of the road. I walked without looking back!

I came back, paid him and walked quickly out of his sight! With the way he was going on and on, I concluded he was losing it.

This is what many people go through almost on a daily basis. This is just one of the many encounters I have had with cabbies.

Lately too, I was in a cab with another annoying cabbie. He went as far as telling me things about him that were very personal. One look at him I knew he was crazy!

I don’t have a thing with talking with cabbies. But, there has to be limits. It doesn’t have to be too personal. For sure most cabbies are very nosy!

Taxi drivers have been reported severally for raping their female passengers. So, if you are one of those starting or igniting erotic conversations with a cab driver, remember they are men and have blood flowing through their veins too!

Have you had any encounter with a cabbie? Please share!

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