Why People Are Scared of Your Success


Have you ever wondered why people get scared when you are ahead of them? Do you know everybody secretly wishes to be you?

The word ‘success’ sounds so onomatopoeic to me. Even without its dictionary meaning, I can tell it has to do with something rewarding!

From a very tender age, we all crave for success. I have come across kids in kindergarten saying they want to become pilots when they grow up.

When you are successful everybody wants to identify with you. You get a lot of attention from all corners

That is when people get scared of your success. Yes they do. You might not know it, but it happens. Nobody wants to be undervalued!

When you are successful, you have some kind of aura around you. You reek of power and affluence. Anything you say or do is right.

It isn’t just about making money that makes you successful. Because you can do certain things more than other people makes you successful.

I know a couple of folks who had state governors as their best friends while in school. But today, they dare not go near them.

Success is like the air we breathe. Everybody needs it. It gives life to people and stays with you unless you no longer want it!

When you are successful, you can do no wrong in the sight of people. No matter how old or young you are, it speaks for you.

One thing I realized overtime is that people who are bound to be successful are easily spotted right from a young age.

For instance, playground bullies like to bully those who they think have an edge over them. They are ‘jealous’ of any little skill you display at that time!

So when it’s time to play, they target you and try to make you feel bad, hurt and less important. They try to use the edge they may have to ‘lord’ over you.

Why do people go after someone to tarnish their image and reputation? Why are there so many betrayers and traitors in the workplace?

They do not want to see you being promoted ahead of them. You ultimately have what it takes to be ahead so they try to stop you!

But one thing is sure; success is bound to happen to those who work hard enough to merit it. No amount of negativity can stop that.

I love success and I love successful people. And that is for sure. I love it most especially if you are a hard worker!

In the past, I have encountered people who had been scared of my success. They never hid the fact that they resented my achievements.

I wrote about that in my post about the antics of a trusted friend while I was in England. She made life hell for me because I was miles ahead of her!

No matter how little or big you have become, so long as you are ahead of someone, they are bound to be scared of you. Fact!

The only way to spot that is through their attitude towards you. They seem to be people from another planet because they always act alike.

Success is never meant for a certain group of people or anybody. It is open to everyone. All it takes is determination and hard work!

In time you will there. And when you get there, remember you were coming from somewhere. With that you will be fair in dealing with people you come across.

To me success is just a stone throw away. But you have to be patient even while you work hard and pray hard too!

Image Credit: Pexels

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