A Review of the Last Music Video I Watched

Music video

After a long day for me yesterday, I thought I should relax a bit. So I turned on the TV, and searched for a movie that will be interesting to see.

I searched through my favorite channels, but didn’t find any or maybe I wasn’t in the mood to see movies. Finally I settled for a musical channel, to entertain myself.

It’s been a while I watched a music video, so I felt comfortable with it. It was playing an indigenous music which I liked so much.

I love to listen to indigenous songs. Even though some of them are wack (apologies!) I listen to foreign songs a lot also.

The music was from an up-coming artist, but then, it had a lot of erotic dance moves (trust video vixens!). They were literally naked!

The artist as usual, had his body all covered up, from head to toe. The video vixens all had big backsides, like they were carefully selected for that role.

They danced so provocatively, even making it look like porn video (If you know what I mean).

The artist was not more than a 20 year old, by my calculations. He has joined the band-wagon of artist using half-naked women to shoot music videos.

That is the real deal, if you don’t show naked women in your videos, then you’re on your own. Your popularity is undermined, you are never going to make sales and become rich!

I continued watching till the end, because the rhythm and the lyrics were good, I must say. Another song came on, and it was all about nudity, I was like, no way, not again!

I changed to a documentary channel, and felt better. I didn’t want anything putting wrong Ideas in my head!

In that video, I observed something, and it’s the fact that the dancers are all much older than the artist himself. So, what is the idea behind the concept? I wondered.

When will women learn? When will they stop men from underrating the women folk? This is one of the reasons some men, think women are good for nothing.

I have never seen any musical video both foreign ones, where the artist (male) would be naked, with just an underpants on.

Well, that is their idea of hitting the limelight, if you can’t beat them, you join them.

And to think the authorities concerned are turning a blind eye is appalling, nor be Naija we dey? Some will ask you.

A lot of children also watch these videos. I don’t know what they stand to learn from it.

I am not against anybody using obscene videos and lyrics in their songs, but moderation is the word. And the question is always, is it your calling as a music star?

Musicians come and they go. Some just wake up and pronto! they start singing. At the end of the day it is tales of misplaced priorities.

That little money wasted in pursuing another person’s dream could be used in a better way to actualize yours. With patience you get there someday!

Desperation to make it in life is to be blamed for all these. No one wants to learn a trade anymore. It is either movie or music.

You might use all the obscenities and naked women to shoot your music video and still don’t make it through that career path, because many are called, but few are chosen!

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