Sponge Does Not Cause Acne


Bathing with a sponge is the best thing that can happen to your skin. And especially your face. A lot of people think bathing with a sponge causes acne but no, it doesn’t.

Some people have never bathed with a sponge all their life. This is very wrong. Sponge removes dirt and oil from the skin, no doubt about that.

It is equally healthy to bath and scrub your face with a sponge every day. I heard people say, nothing will make them do so because they don’t want acne break outs.

A few years ago, my friend went to a beauty therapist, because she suffered a lot from acne and oily skin.

But before then, I had always advised her to use sponge on her face as well when bathing, but she refused and I let her be.

So, when she went to the therapist, the first question the beauty therapist asked her was, if she bathed frequently with a sponge or not.

She said no.  So the beauty therapist advised her to start using sponge to scrub her face while bathing, to help in reducing oily skin and acne break outs!

From that day my friend never stopped bathing with a sponge, in fact she became an advocate of bathing daily with a sponge.

I have never in my life bathed without a sponge. Any day I don’t, I feel like something is not right or missing.

When I traveled to Ghana, I went into the shower for a refreshing bath. I searched for my sponge and was surprised I did not take it along with me.

I just stood for a moment thinking of what to do. I was too tired to go out in search of a sponge. I managed to bathe without it.

The next morning, I dashed across a convenience shop and asked them where I could get one. They showed me and I couldn’t be happier.

Bathing with sponge does not cause acne instead it helps in reducing it. And giving you a healthier looking skin and face too.

Some skin diseases like eczema can be avoided by bathing regularly with a sponge. Bath with a sponge at least once a day.

Acne also is caused by bacteria under the skin. A sponge scrub a day will keep your face looking smoother everyday. Try it.

Even though skin varies. Some people say, bathing with a sponge leaves them itching after each bath. I don’t know how true that is.

Some say the reason they do not use sponge is, because they find it hard and painful on the skin while bathing.

There are different types of sponges in the market. There are ones for babies too. If you think the one you have is too hard, you can get the softer ones.

Sponge is so good that babies use it too! The importance of using a sponge while bathing can never be over emphasized!

For those who might be struggling with persistent body odor, bathing with sponge daily is the only magic you need to get rid of it. Trust me.

So, start today to use sponge on your skin and especially on your face. And you will see the great difference between now and when you weren’t using it.

Image Credit: Dreamstime

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