Things You Never Really Knew About ‘Bishop’


Almost everybody in my town Ozubulu knows who Bishop is.  Some know him as a drug baron, while some simply know him as a successful young man.

His name is Aloysius Nnamdi Ikegwuonu. He probably got that nickname ‘Bishop’ from his sojourn in South Africa.

The only time I get to hear anything about him is, whenever I travel down to my town. Ozubulu is a big town but everybody knows everybody!

I heard how much he spends money like he’s got a tap flowing with Naira notes. He lives in South Africa but he never fails to attend any event in Ozubulu.

The first time I saw Bishop was in my father’s burial in 2014.  It was my brother who had invited him. He got to know him through my cousin who also lives in SA.

When I heard ‘Bishop’ was going to come to our dad’s burial, I was ecstatic. At least I was going to make money from his visit!

They say, Bishop is a big spender and spends in millions too at each standing! Secondly, I wanted to see what he looked like.

So when he finally came, my sister called out to me that I should come and say hello to Bishop. Unfortunately, I was stuck with a duty of organizing one or two things.

By the time I dashed out to the sitting room, he was gone. ‘’where is he? I asked. ‘’oh, he just left but he gave us five thousand Naira to share,’’ my sister said.

When I heard five thousand Naira, I thought I heard wrong. I thought my sister meant five thousand dollars. I waited for her to correct herself, but she didn’t!

I looked at her hands and saw a wad of five thousand Naira in five hundred Naira notes with her. I had never been so disappointed in my life to say the least.

Stories or rumors later had it that he went to the neighboring town and spent over four million Naira at a hospital commissioning!

That was the last I heard of him before now. My phone rang on Sunday morning at about 7.30, and it was mum.

‘’did you hear what has happened?’’ what? I asked. ‘’They said gunmen went into the church that Bishop built and shot everybody including his father.’’

I screamed and jumped out of bed. ‘’where did you get that from? I asked. ‘’Someone called me from Ozubulu to break the news!’’

‘’They said, they came to kill Bishop, but didn’t find him at home.’’ so they went straight to the church because someone had told them he was in the church.’’

What most people don’t know is that bishop is a philanthropist. Apart from the St.Philips he built in his community; he built two more churches in other communities in Ozubulu.

One of them is St. Aloysius which he named after his own name. The other is not known to me. He also has a foundation called ‘Ebubechukwuzo Foundation.’

Governor Obiano of Anambra state was present at the commissioning of a road he tarred in his community. And to celebrate his 36th birthday!

He is also said to be building a multi-million Naira health facility also in his home town of Ozubulu. Nice one!

From all indication Bishop was destined to be great. He was the school head prefect while he was in secondary school!

He traveled to South Africa shortly after leaving secondary school. According to what I heard, he was well-trained in illegal drug business!

A couple of years ago, he survived an assassination attempt along Benin-Asaba expressway. His Range-Rover autobiography was damaged with bullets!

An officer was killed in the process and another seriously injured in that deadly encounter. He abandoned his Range and bought a G-wagon.

Bishop owned and controlled black South African policemen in Hill brow Johannesburg. He has a register where he marked the names of every one of them after payment!

He paid them heavily to cover up his crimes. Once anyone is paid, he marks the officer’s name. That is how much he ruled them!

Now the end has come for Bishop. As it is now, he is a wanted man even in South Africa. People who never questioned his source of wealth now know better.

All the protégé he has will have to look for another ‘godfather’ to rely on as the ‘Bishop’ of illegal drug business is now a fugitive!

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