What It Means To Be Sapiosexual


A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to intelligent people. The only thing they seem to like in someone is how smart they are!

I love intelligent people (everybody does!) but not like, it’s the only reason I have to like that person.

Every one of us has a reason or two why we love the people we love. Be it physical or mental attribute.

I love everybody the way they come. The only thing I don’t like in people is when they are a copy-cat, yes, I hate copy-cats!

Sapiosexuals know they are intelligent themselves, which is why they equally get attracted to sapiosexuals too.

The first time I heard the word ‘sapiosexual,’ I thought it had something to do with s3x, like bisexual, homosexual etc!

I had to do a research and discovered it meant a different thing totally and had nothing to do with s3x.

That instance, I recalled one of my friends who could die for an intelligent man. She adored smart guys like there’s no tomorrow!

She sees nothing good looking in a man if he is a dunce or has nothing to offer upstairs. Even if he has the almighty six packs!

We were sat having a drink at a bar and this guy, walked in and walked straight to our table. He greeted us and sat down.

He was a very good looking guy. Tall and dark in complexion. He had good facial features and good dentition too.

At first, I thought she had invited him, but no, she doesn’t even know him. We continued chatting while the guy ordered for his drink.

After about ten minutes or thereabout, nobody came to join him, as it was a table for four and there was a vacant seat.

The guy brought out his phone and dialed a number and started a conversation, from what we deduced, he was talking to his dad.

He ended the conversation and started gazing at me and my friend, and of course we pretended not to have noticed.

He summoned up courage and introduced himself; we introduced ourselves too, and continued with our discussion.

We were there for another twenty minute before the guy said another word, he asked, ‘’are you sisters?’’ we looked at each other.

I waited for my friend to answer, but when she wasn’t saying anything, I responded by just shaking my head!

He nodded and continued staring at us. And by that time we were already fed up with his ‘lookery’ and decided it was time to go.

I beckoned at the waiter, he came and gave us our bills. I paid and as we made to leave, the guy jumped up from his seat!

He rushed after us like he didn’t know we were there all along. He went, ‘’excuse me ladies’’, we turned back, looked at him and walked out!

In the car, my friend was like, ‘’I hate unintelligent people, especially guys, they make me sick.’’ Just look at how that guy embarrassed himself.’’

She continued, ‘’I am sapiosexual, I love guys especially the smart ones. I am attracted to intelligent guys.’’

So, I asked her if that was the meaning of being a sapiosexual, she said ‘’yes,’’ I said nothing as we drove home.

From then on, I noticed my friend was very choosy about whom she interacted with or befriended, she made enemies too!

People saw her as being a snob, but she wasn’t, it was just her nature. To her, being around dullards makes you a dullard!

Even if a guy was not good looking, but has something to offer upstairs, she was fine with it. To her, the uglier the better!

It isn’t about what you have physically. It is about what you have mentally, which really matters in some people’s lives.

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